Publishing Divison

Research shows that a lack of financial literacy affects differently all groups of individuals in our society and the more time goes by without tackling the problem the harder it becomes to get ahead. Our mission at the Publishing Division is to give people the independent and reliable information they need to navigate today’s complex world. We do this by preparing insightful and easy to read articles adapted to every kind of reader. Every month new papers are published on the ESFC website explaining recent deals, market trends, and much more. We also organize industry research workshop with market experts that will be made available to everyone.

Hugues Duron – Topic Leader – Corporate Finance
Fabiola Iuliano – Topic Leader – Financial Markets
Fiona Huang
Gaspar Prévôt
Giacomo Bocchio Vega
Guillaume Maire
Harsh Deep Srivastava
João Semedo
Juliette Bonin
Kyle Keith
Lorenzo Genovese
Mattia Trulla
Nanni Cotronei
Paul Chaves d’Oliveira
Samuel Iloglu
    Giacomo Gualtieri

Giacomo Gualtieri

Publishing Division Leader

Valentine Guerni

Valentine Guerni

Global Newsroom Leader

Global Newsroom

The aim of the global newsroom is to forward a nuanced understanding of global issues in the political economy and financial world by placing it in the proper context and providing students the tools to analyze situations over various levels of analysis. the Global Newsroom has regular polemic sessions and writing assignments which serve as it’s primary output. The Global Newsroom is divided into 2 products: the EDHEC Bulletin – market report on a daily basis – and the EDHEC Express – gather headlines of the week. The teams are structured as followed:

The EDHEC Bulletin Members

Alejandro Palacios – Supervisor
Arsh Bhatia – Team Europe
Nicolas Liszczynski – Team Europe
Adrien Frerejacque – Team US
Arthur Maucuer – Team US
Cédric Akon – Team US
Aarush Arora – Team Asia
Ashutoshkumar Yadav – Team Asia
Gaspard Thiercelin – Graph of the Day

The EDHEC Express Members

Edoardo Valsetti – Supervisor Team Europe & US
Ziming Meng – Supervisor Team Asia & Emerging Markets
Hicham Diouri – Team Europe
Utsabh Jain – Team Europe
Zhixiang Meng – Team US
Antoine Motte – Team Asia
Ming Cheng – Team Asia
Minmin Tong – Emerging markets
Bharati Agarwal – Corporate News
Himanshu Joshi – Sustainable Finance
Alejandro Palacios – Debt Market
Kevin Wesch – Rates
Romane Soulière – Women in Finance
Arsh Bhatia – Concept of the Week

Sustainable Finance

The goal of the EDHEC Sustainable Finance Group is to provide students with a better understanding of the Sustainable Finance industry and its impact on financial markets and corporate finance practices. The Group gathers every two weeks to discuss recent developments in Sustainable Finance, and their relevance in financing the transition towards a low-carbon economy. Every session consists of three parts which form the pillars of the working group. First, an in-depth presentation is given by working group members on the topic of the session, this is followed by a discussion where group members discuss and select the key questions that need to be addressed. The last part of the session consists of an interaction, a (video) call or a live session, with an industry expert. In this last part, the working group tries to get answers to the remaining questions and gain more in-depth practical knowledge. Topics covered range from Sustainable Capital Markets, Sustainable Project Finance, Thematic Funds and ETF’s to ESG investing and ESG factors in valuations.

Sree Vinay Tunuguntla

Sree Vinay Tunuguntla

Sustainable Finance Leader

Thibaud Kast

Thibaud Kast

Case Study & Assessement center Leader

Case study & Assessment Centre

Our Case Study Working Group aims at cracking Corporate Finance related cases in order to train our member for bank competitions and tests that could be given during professional interviews. The other objective is to build a unique and valuable network each other can rely on throughout his studies at EDHEC and his professional life. 


This group also works together to prepare for an essential portion of the interview process, the assessment center. Many top finance companies use assessment centers as part of the hiring process and being skilled in this area is essential. We will meet roughly once per month and meetings will consist of a focus on one of the evaluation criteria used in the majority of assessment centers. This type of practice is key to being successful during an interview process, having the time to learn in a low pressure situation like this can be the difference. 

Virtual Portfolio Management

Being part of the Virtual Portfolio Management working group means we stay up to date with the latest, most current information about what is going on in financial markets across the world. With us, you will have the chance to delve into the world of capital markets by creating your own portfolio, tracking it and acquiring the information needed to make the best choice.

Pierre-Louis Paquot

Pierre-Louis Paquot

VPM Leader

Inderjit Singh

Inderjit Singh

CFA Preparation Leader

CFA preparation

In the CFA preparation group we focus on discussing about the topics covered in the CFA Exam, such as Quantitative Methods, Economics, Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management. In particular, the group focuses on learning the most important contents about the exam by creating group sessions in which to practice actual exam exercises. Members are stimulated to actively participate in discussions by preparing the material before the session. Furthermore, a session with a CFA Chartholder is organized to talk about current topics that affect the financial sector and also to network with an experienced professional in the financial industry itself.