Case Study & Assessment Center

Thibaud Kast

Thibaud Kast

Leader – Case Study & Assessment Center  Division

Our Case Study Working Group aims at cracking Corporate Finance related cases in order to train our member for bank competitions and tests that could be given during professional interviews. The other objective is to build a unique and valuable network each other can rely on throughout his studies at EDHEC and his professional life. 

This group also works together to prepare for an essential portion of the interview process, the assessment center. Many top finance companies use assessment centers as part of the hiring process and being skilled in this area is essential. We will meet roughly once per month and meetings will consist of a focus on one of the evaluation criteria used in the majority of assessment centers. This type of practice is key to being successful during an interview process, having the time to learn in a low pressure situation like this can be the difference. 

Contributing Members

Alban Poittevin

Giuseppe Albanese

Himanshu Joshi

Zakaria Sati

Zhixiang Meng