The Executive Board

Henrich Ricar

President and Founder

Tord Isdal

Vice President and Co-Founder

Henrich is studying a double degree in Master in Mgmt and MSc in Corporate Finance and Banking. He gained 3 years part-time and 2 years full time professional experience in the Telecommunication and IT industry respectively and has a strong interest in investment banking, the TMT and automotive sector. Henrich is going to join HSBC’s investment banking division in London as an analyst in 2018.

Tord is currently finishing a Double MSc in Management and Corporate Finance & Banking. He has 2 years of experience from the oil and gas sector, and has keen interest in anything investment related, especially cryptocurrencies and real estate.

Marieta Zbojovska


Hamza Sellak

General Secretary

Marieta is currently in her final year of MSc degree in Corporate Finance and Banking. She has gained a professional experience within investment funds industry, on both operational and front office side for UHNW customers. Marieta will manage the financing operations for the club, and also enhance the social relationships among the club members through organizing team-building activities.

Hamza is a M1 student pursuing a double degree MSc in Management and Finance. Having previously implemented management control in a subsidiary company of French large optical company and studied Law in La Sorbonne, he monitors the organization of the Club and manages legal issues. He will also use his experience in the Consulting Club and his algorithmic skills for the Assessment Center and the Portfolio Divisions.