LVMH Puts the Ring on Tiffany’s Finger

This article was written by Nicolas Nardelli, a columnist strongly interested in M&A.

Crédit Agricole increases its share in the fintech Linxo

This article was written by Adam Thiébaut, a columnist strongly interested in M&A.

Bristol-Myers Squib Buys Celgene

A few hours after analysts announced that the current period was not very likely to see any mega-deals in the pharmaceuticals industry, Bristol-Myers Squib (BMS) announced the acquisition of Celgene, which would have become one of the biggest deals in history for the industry.

Siemens Mobility-Alstom: The Chronology of a Missed Union

Siemens and Alstom failed to complete their possible merger announced at the end of September 2017; it went from being questioned, to being vetoed by Margrethe Vestager, the European Commissioner for Competition on 6th of February of 2019. The French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe
said in a public statement that this decision was “a blow to the European industry”, is it really the case?

Can Investors Benefit from Asset Management Deals?

If the last few years have been a period of high M&A activity in the asset management industry; 2017 appears as the year when fund management firms also started to merge and acquire with a different strategy. Indeed, we observed fewer deals than during the previous year but at a much higher cost. So far 2018 is following the same trend. How can we explain this high number of deals? Is the industry getting more intensely competitive? Do these deals benefit the investors?

Coca-Cola Challenges Starbucks by Buying Costa Coffee

Coca-Cola decided to march into the world of coffee by acquiring Costa Coffee in September 2018 to diversify its products. In order to compete with Starbucks, Coca-Cola offered more than 4 billion euros for the chain of British coffee Costa.

Givaudan Acquires Minority Stake of Naturex

Givaudan Acquires Minority Stake of Naturex Download PDF  “Flavors and fragrances are essential components of different consumer goods and packaged foods. Natural and synthetic essence compositions make the cool mint flavor of toothpaste, the cinnamon aroma of pumpkin...

Kraft Heinz: when desperate times call for desperate measures.

Kraft Heinz: when desperate times call for desperate measures Download PDF  Kraft and Unilever: a union that makes sense From meals to household chores, we can do everything in a house with Kraft Heinz and Unilever. The two giants must have come to the same conclusion...

Where are you growth?

Last weekend, I booked a trip to Croatia for my summer holidays. With new technologies, everything goes so fast and, especially, it has never been so easy to travel. I used the well-known website: Airbnb. I was able to rent the flat of an individual for a much better...

Reframing M&A potential in the Agrochemicals Industry

Reframing M&A potential in the Agrochemicals Industry Download PDF  "All that glitter isn't gold. It's glyphosate." In 2018, this chemical component generated billions of dollars in revenues for Monsanto and other companies, aiming at helping farmers in food...