Universal Basic Income, the New Utopia

When he was still minister of the Economy, Emmanuel Macron stated, “I don’t believe in egalitarianism, rather I believe in equal opportunities; and the idea of basic income or basic capital for all goes in this direction and I’m interested in this.”

Is a Recession Coming to Us?

It has been almost ten years now since the United States first started recovering from the Great Recession. The theory of economic cycles commands a slowdown. Yet, the US economy keeps displaying an insolent health, closing 2018 at a 3% growth rate – well above most estimates of its longer-run trend. It contradicts the opinion that says the US economy should now have entered the downward part of the current cycle and is at the edge of the slowdown.

U.S. October Home Sales Questions Further U.S. GDP Growth

The NAR has requested a revaluation on the monetary policy. A cyclical downturn of housing price could be a potential threat to the U.S economy as it affects the householders’ confidence to consume and discourages the home builder to increase the supply of housing.

US Wage Growth Stagnation and the Midterm Election

As Americans enter the polls on Tuesday to examine Trump’s economic agenda, there is more at stake than judging Trump’s performance since 2017, this could be a turning point in changing an average American worker’s life.

The Low Global Inflation Rate Environment

The absence of inflation is a source of concern as it leaves nominal interest rates low and makes encounters with the zero lower bond. In the years following the financial crisis, global inflation has been stuck, more particularly in developed countries...


Regulations: Necessity or brake on the business?

Is China’s Debt a Real Threat on Financial Stability?

  This article discusses the high level of China's debt and its sustainability.