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As part of EDHEC Student Finance Club, the Sustainable Finance Division aims to provide a global vision of the sustainable finance landscape, offer students a better understanding of its impact on markets and corporations, and guide interested people towards relevant career paths. 

We help students understand this field by organising knowledge sharing sessions, networking sessions, webinars and case studies.  Together with EDHEC Career Center, we also have corporate sessions inviting professionals to present their unique perspectives in sustainable finance, which has a larger impact over the school. 

Up till now, the division has already 13 members, we gather every two weeks to discuss recent developments in Sustainable Finance, and their relevance in financing the transition towards a low-carbon economy

How we are doing it

Corporate sessions

Students get to meet industry experts and discuss about corporate initiatives toward sustainable finance. These talks comprehend companies, employees and entrepreneurs working in the sustainable finance industry. The aim is to have a better understanding of the career paths in sustainable finance while bringing students closer to the reality of companies and to the entrepreneurial scope globally

Case studies sessions and competition

Students get to work on business cases providing sustainable investment strategies considering ESG principles. The objective of this activity is to improve students’ knowledge on these topics and enable them to network and share ideas with people with common interests.

Sustainable portfolio management

Students get to construct and manage a portfolio considering ESG factors and mapping the results. The objective is to understand a multi-strategy framework for investment criteria that aligns with the ESG industry standards.

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The members of the division are entitled to write articles about recent development in the industry that are published in the club newsletter and social media channels of the club and the EDHEC community. The club also makes it easy to build connection with alumni with relevancy in the career paths.

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