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About Us

Women In Finance

Women in Finance is a new community, initiated by the EDHEC Student Finance Club in November 2019.

Our founding principles are built on a long-lasting commitment of developing a strong network of future professionals in Finance. WinFin puts high emphasis on personal and professional development and aims to educate on one of today´s omnipresent topics- equality and equal opportunities.

Our Goals

Hands-On Mentoring Program

Professional Opportunities for Women in Finance

High-Profile Speakers

Success-Stories and Testimonials

Talent Development

Real Networking Opportunities

Our Motivation

Whilst at the same time we know how successful firms can become with the inclusion of women from top to bottom; research has shown that companies that employ female CFO’s have seen a rise in profits of, in average, 6% and an 8% better stock return in comparison to performance under their male predecessors.(click here for the source)